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Happy girls

Dr. Baker has outdone herself as an author. The book recreates what so many of us did as children before we entered into nursing . My 2 year old already loves it. I lam looking forward to collecting the entire series. Zee

This book/series is filling a niche that has been Barron or maybe it simply did not exist until now. This book is inspiring youth to be interested in other cultures and customs while promoting our profession (the most trusted profession 15 years running) This book is amazing and very well written! My daughter loves being able to identify with Nola and she has a unique opportunity to see another “Nurse Mommy” in action. This book has blessed our family and with definitely be a book I gift to many friends! Devyn D

Dr. Baker, Thank you for your awesome book – Nola the Nurse; She’s on the Go. I love the way you highlight the nurse practitioner role in a children’s book, I have not seen a children’s book that goes into advance practice nursing roles. This is going to go a long way in advancing the profession for the next generation. I see it is volume 1, can’t wait to see where Nola goes next. Grammy by 6

My 5 year old and I absolutely LOVE this book!! Particularly enjoyed the story, illustrations, lessons, cultural awareness and the intentional repetitive use of “nurse practitioner”. It really engrains it in the reader which is excellent since many children have never heard of nurse practitioners. Looking forward to see who Nola helps next. šŸ™‚ KS

Dr. Scharmaine L Baker, thanks so much for this wonderful rendition of being a Nurse Practitioner. Nola the Nurse: She’s on The Go should lead you to a writer’s award. I do not have children, but as a nurse practitioner, I have a copy in my office, to share with the public. Keep up the great works. Dr. Bean NP

This wonderful book is filling a gap that has long been in need of being filled. I purchased this book for my niece and I’m so glad that more children and parents will be educated about the role of a nurse practitioner. I can’t wait to see the rest of the series. Anon

Wonderful Children’s book that highlights the compassionate care nurse practitioners give as they make house calls. Allows children to learn about different countries, medicine and the different roles available to them. Delightful! Uniquely and brilliantly done!! PA

I Iove having a book with the role of the nurse practitioner so prominent. It is so fun to read a children’s book with my loved profession mentioned. Dr. Baker wrote a wonderful children’s book. Dr. Golden NP

My son loved the story and asked me to read it again and again! I like that the book shows cultural diversity. We look forward to adding more of Nola’s books to our home library. Lawanda

This is a wonderful book for young readers that introduces them to the nurse practitioner as a healthcare provider in the fun and culturally diverse setting of New Orleans! Catherine

I’ve searched and searched for a book about nurse practitioners. Love the story and can’t wait to read about Nola’s next adventures! Angela K
Wonderful, inspiring story. My little girl was ecstatic to read about Nola. And she ABSOLUTELY loves the dog Gumbo. Tooooo cute. WNO
Excellent reading! Great author! Looking forward to future volumes!!!
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