We’re headed to your TV set! Stay tuned…



The Nola The Nurse Channel’s main purpose is to educate children about the nursing profession in a fun and engaging way. It will have science experiments, challenges, bug discoveries, silly pranks, and superhero wars featuring Superman, Frozen Elsa, Doc McStuffins, and Nola The Nurse & friends. I envision the channel being a place where kids and parents come to learn about nursing, science, and all the basics such as numbers, colors, and shapes.


We will also be introducing Super Sky and Wonder Wy. These newest science superheroes love to experiment. Super Sky (Skylar) is 6 years old and her brother Wonder Wy (Wyatt) is 3 years old. They love Frozen Elsa, Spiderman, and bugs. Their superpowers are just getting started and tend to get them in trouble. Stay tuned for fun and EXPLOSIVE science episodes!!!

Part Nursing. Part Science. ALL Fun. Nola The Nurse.

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