Why I Became a Nurse Entrepreneuer—- Thinking Outside the Box

by Mary J. Charlot, RN, MSN, FNP-C

    Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneurship is an area most often lightly treaded by many. Why you ask? Well, because of the barriers. The barriers to Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneurship includes many, but some are lack of the nurse practitioner to operate in a business like profitable manner, start-up cost, billing, increasing cost of malpractice insurance, lack of marketing resources, criticism from physicians about the independent role, physician collaboration laws, lack of financial resources, the need to cover own healthcare benefits and retirement plans, and let’s not forget the inability to think outside the box.

Now, let’s discuss why Entrepreneurship of Nurse Practitioners can be a rewarding career. Nurse Practitioners are a very valuable asset to the healthcare industry. They are utilized to generate revenue, deliver healthcare in rural areas that many physicians do not want to commute to, being requested by patients, are educated with the skillset and knowledge of a nursing background, and can work independently. Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneurs have the authority to finance, organize, plan, and operate their own businesses. They can reclaim their power, increase their visibility, an direct their determination and creativity at their own pace and on their own terms. Today, Nurse Practitioner entrepreneurs are serving in various roles such as acute care, gerontology, home health, primary care, community health, fitness, independent contracting, long term care, and urgent care just to name a few.

What does it take to be a Nurse Practitioner entrepreneur? My first thought is the PASSION and LOVE for the healthcare industry. We all know that healthcare encompasses so many areas such as psychology, cardiology, physical therapy, counseling, pharmaceutics, teaching, etc. It really doesn’t matter which area you decide on, but what does matter is the passion and on-going pursuit to make it a success–This if often the difference between a business’s success and failure. After passion, follows excellent interpersonal skills, business knowledge, ability to merge nursing skills with business skills, independence, flexibility, assertiveness, vision, ability to handle stress, discipline, ability to make decisions, ability to manage time alone, high level of energy, ability to accept failure, and commitment to the work.

When I set out to be a nurse practitioner Entrepreneur, I wanted to wake up each morning feeling enthusiastic, passionate, and sure of myself that I was contributing to my part in the world. I set out to establish NP’sHired, LLC as an independent contracting company to provide quality medical consultations, treatment, and management of acute and chronic diseases to businesses, individuals, and communities by board certified family nurse practitioners who had acquired the educational requirements and training to assess, diagnoses, and treat various health conditions. We are an Atlanta, GA based company with services that can be provided to those across the world both nationally and internationally such as our health, fitness & coaching program. Through Entrepreneurship with this company, I have been afforded opportunities to work in urgent care settings, work with sports teams, work with the You Fit Health Clubs in the Atlanta area, chiropractors, speaking engagements, establish weight loss programs for other providers in their practices, form the Change Your BIO (Body Inside & Out) health and fitness program with colleague Rachelle Campbell-FNP who practices in Dallas, TX, and so much more. NP’sHired, LLC has allowed me to bridge the gap in healthcare, set my own destiny, pursue my passion in healthcare on my own terms, change lives, and it has taught me valuable lessons about determination, resiliency, and breaking down barriers.

Nurse Practitioners are providing high quality, cost effective, and patient centered care. Nurse Practitioners will lead as the Primary Care Provider of choice to millions in the years to come. Think outside the box, Think Entrepreneurship!

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Mary J. Charlot, RN, MSN, FNP-C is the independently practicing Family Nurse Practitioner and the founder of NP’sHired, LLC. Ms. Charlot earned her Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN) from the University of Louisiana at Monroe in Monroe, LA. She then earned her Masters of Science in Nursing Degree (MSN) as a family Nurse Practitioner from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. Ms. Charlot is certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Program (AANP). She has many years  of nursing experience including inpatient care, cardiac, stroke, urgent care, Primary Care, retail health, and weight management. She is a native of Church Point, LA, but currently resides in Atlanta, GA where she practices independently, along with retail health, urgent care, and weight management. Ms. Charlot loves to travel in her spare time and wants her patients to understand the importance of taking ownership of their health and wellbeing.

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