Encouraging the next generation of nurse practitioners

It was my dream to have a nurse practitioner children’s story that represented children from multicultural backgrounds. The groundbreaking children’s book series about Nola The Nurse has taken off in a phenomenal way. Many branches have grown and ideas are hemorrhaging all over the place. We’re excited to have the continued support.

The next installment in the Nola The Nurse series will be published soon. The title is: Nola the Nurse & Friends Visit The Holi Festival. In this series, for the first time in children’s literature, other advanced practice nurses will be featured for children to get to know and aspire to be.

3_New_Characters (1)

In addition to the new book, there is a Nola The Nurse mascot coming soon!!!!


We also have DOLLS coming too!!!!!



The Nola The Nurse Team is ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!

Nola The Nurse. Encouraging the next generation of nurse practitioners.

Hugs from Nola.


Teachers love Nurses for their students!

Story time. Despite all the drama with Hurricane Zeta, an amazing thing occurred this week. Dannella Bishop, a 3rd grade teacher from Osborne Elementary contacted me via FB Messenger to say that she had been searching for children’s books that represented her class. She wanted a book about science and Nursing. She found my Nola The Nurse®️ books on Amazon and contacted me to say “thank-you” for writing books that looked like her students. Well, I was so excited! I asked if I could Zoom in from Nola to meet them! Well, we had to modify and do a FB video, but when I connected, there she was! Ms. Bishop, dressed as a nurse!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! I was so excited to meet her and her class of third graders!! They had questions about why I wrote the storm story (Katrina) and wanted to know why I was an author. Honeyyyyy, they were prepared and ready! Listennnnnnn. Never stop believing in your dreams!!!! Plus, representation matters!!!!!!!! One little girl melted my heart when she said, “I now wanna be a Nurse after reading your book. Thank you!” ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽#NolaTheNurse #CartoonsComingSoon #RepresentationMatters #DrLawsonNP

Dr. Baker is featured on WBOK radio

Congrats Dr. Scharmaine Baker! You were featured on WBOK 1230AM with the amazing Oliver Thomas!!! Listen below as she speaks about her upcoming induction into the very prestigious American Academy of Nursing as a Fellow, her new children’s book series Nola The Nurse®, and all about Advanced Practice Nurses!!!!


The Harry Show and Nola The Nurse®

We had the honor of being featured on our own segment as a Leading Lady on The Harry Show!! The opportunity to present Nola The Nurse® and it’s founder Dr. Scharmaine Lawson-Baker, NP was an incredible experience. We want to thank the teachers and staff at International School of Louisiana for allowing us access to their facility for this ground-breaking educational opportunity. We want to inspire ALL kids to consider the roles of advanced practice nursing when they are thinking about a career choice. These are the FIRST books in children’s literature to feature advanced practice nurses!!! Pick up your copy here!

We would also like to thank the staff at The Harry Show for their Southern hospitality!

We’re headed to your TV set! Stay tuned…



The Nola The Nurse Channel’s main purpose is to educate children about the nursing profession in a fun and engaging way. It will have science experiments, challenges, bug discoveries, silly pranks, and superhero wars featuring Superman, Frozen Elsa, Doc McStuffins, and Nola The Nurse & friends. I envision the channel being a place where kids and parents come to learn about nursing, science, and all the basics such as numbers, colors, and shapes.


We will also be introducing Super Sky and Wonder Wy. These newest science superheroes love to experiment. Super Sky (Skylar) is 6 years old and her brother Wonder Wy (Wyatt) is 3 years old. They love Frozen Elsa, Spiderman, and bugs. Their superpowers are just getting started and tend to get them in trouble. Stay tuned for fun and EXPLOSIVE science episodes!!!

Part Nursing. Part Science. ALL Fun. Nola The Nurse.

Nola The Nurse Visits Dr. Taaka Cash NP at her private practice. #PrivyOasis

So happy to share that Nola The Nurse will be visiting various advanced practice nursing offices! Stay tuned she may be visiting YOU soon!

In the clip below, Nola visits with Psychiatric NP extraordinaire for tea time in her private practice entitled, Privy Oasis. Who will be next? Stay tuned!!!

Nola The Nurse is a 7-year old little girl who wants to be an NP like her mom. She will begin these visits to explore the many specialties in nursing. Give us a call if you are an advanced practice nurses who wants your practice featured and visited by Nola The Nurse!!!!


The First NP Plush Doll


Over the moon about the sales of the very FIRST Nurse Practitioner Plush Doll to hit the USA! It is the perfect accompaniment to the wildly popular Nola The Nurse children’s book series.



The dolls can now be purchased on Amazon or from The Nola The Nurse Store.

Nurses can do ANYTHING including toy design.

The sky is the limit. Get there.


The dolls are almost ready for purchase!

Soon and very soon you will be able to purchase this very soft and cuddly doll for your little one. As soon as we get finished working out the finer details, we will be posting updates here, there, and everywhere! Please be patient with us. We KNOW this is the ONLY nurse practitioner plush doll in the nation. So, we’ve got to get this right! Amen!?

Stay tuned…we are about a week away from her “official” debut. Thanks for the love. Hugs from Nola. 13087019_10209342125416298_8460997427161802678_o

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Here are the top read news for #Diabetes: Diet Soda and Diabetes: Things to Consider: While diet soda may be a sugar-free alternative to regular soda, that does not necessarily make it healthier. It is true that diet sodas do not contain sugars, and have little to no calories. Because of this, diet sodas are […]

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The Black Dot receives 5 Stars!!!

I am over the moon with excitement! My third children’s book that addresses diversity and how children may react to it just received 5 stars from Readers Favorite!  Pick up your copy today on Amazon and leave a review!!! Thanks!!!


Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

The Black Dot by Dr Scharmaine L Baker is an adorable story that addresses the issue of color that comes with cultural background and ethnicity. Black Dot is surrounded by White Dots everywhere. There are White Dots in the classroom, cafeteria, in the library, and at the soccer game. You name it, they are everywhere. Black Dot is scared and wants to go to a school where there are more Black Dots. Mummy finds a school where there are more Black Dots and Black Dot is happy. Finally he grows up and doesn’t feel like a Black Dot anymore as everyone is just like him. The book throws light on how a child feels going to an environment where his cultural background is different and he feels uncomfortable.

The book has a good message for readers which tells them to be tolerant and accept people from diverse backgrounds, and make them feel welcome and comfortable in schools, churches, and their workplaces. The illustrations are lovely and they convey the concept with clarity. It’s a good bedtime storybook for children and can also be used for interactive sessions in classrooms and school libraries. Books with a good concept and a social message help children understand the message and concept easily when narrated via a story and colorful pictures. This story helps to bridge the cultural gap that often exists between people and brings them together.